Google Chrome Won’t Open Or Chrome Keeps Crashing: Complete Fix

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Google Chrome web browser is one of the finest developments by Google. The search engine giant is doing ample efforts to maintain Chrome’s proper functionality. However, some of the users still report issues like Google Chrome Won’t Open or Chrome Keeps Crashing. This may happen due to various reasons like corrupted chrome files or issues with some plug-ins. If you’re also one such user facing Google Chrome won’t open issues, follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

Firstly we will proceed with some common chrome crash fixes.

Common Fixes For Chrome Keeps Crashing Issue

1: Close All Other Tabs, Extensions or Apps

It is possible that your computer is running out of memory and that’s why it is unable to run Chrome along with other programs. Thus, to free up your system’s memory:

  • Uninstall all redundant extensions.
  • Close all other tabs leaving the one showing error.
  • Pause downloads of any apps or files that are running currently.
  • Close all the apps or programs running in the background.

Once the above-mentioned is done, reload the page showing error.

2: Reinstall Google Chrome

Though the chances are little it may happen that your Google chrome browser is corrupted which is resulting in frequent crashes. So you have to reinstall it on your computer. For this:

  • Press “Windows and R” keys together to open the run box.
  • Now type “control” in the column provided and press “enter”.
  • Go to “Programs and features” and click “Uninstall a Program”

snapshot for programs and features

  • Right-click on Google Chrome and click “Uninstall”
  • Now again press “Windows and R” and type “%appdata%”

snapshot of window and R command

  • Now press enter.
  • A Google folder will be visible, delete it.
  • Again press “Windows and R” and type “%localappdata%”
  • Press enter and delete the Google folder again.
  • Now visit to download chrome and follow on-screen instructions to install it.

3: Restart Your Computer

We know it seems very simple, but rebooting may help. Sometimes, programs or apps may get on the way of page loading. So you need to restart your computer in order to get rid of this hindrance. Restart your computer > reload the page again.

Troubleshooting Google Chrome Won’t Open Issue

If none of the above fixes the issue and still Google crashing, proceed with troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

1: Try Another Browser

To check if only chrome is not responding or the website is at fault, you should try to open the website using another browser like Firefox. If the website opens fine using other browsers, then proceed with chrome’s troubleshooting. However, if the same error shows up in other browsers as well, that means the website is at fault and you should wait till it’s maintenance. 

snapshot of website crashing in other browser

2: Scan For Malware 

Malware can also be the cause of chrome keeps crashing issue. If you are facing frequent crashes in Google chrome, you must scan your computer for Malware using antivirus software. If you already have one antivirus software installed in your system, try to seek for the second opinion from another antivirus program.

3: Create A New Profile

A corrupted profile may also be creating hindrances in chrome’s normal operation. You can check this by creating a new profile in chrome’s settings. In order to do this:

  • Type chrome://settings to visit chrome’s settings page
  • Click “Add new user” under the users section.

add new profile in chrome

  • Click an avatar for yourself and give a name to your profile.

Switch to the new profile and check if chrome is still crashing. You can sync the data from your old profile for smooth working. However, it is recommended that you do not copy any files by hand as it might be corrupted and resulting in the problem.

4: Disable Extensions

Too many extensions can bog down chrome and some malicious extensions can interfere with chrome’s functionality.  So we suggest here to disable some extensions that you don’t frequently use. For doing this,

  • Copy chrome://extensions/ and paste it in your browser.
  • Click “Remove” or “Disable” unwanted extensions.

extension of alexa and facebook pixel

If you have too many extensions on your computer, then to avoid the mess, you may try a simpler way. Disable all extensions in the “incognito” and open the website in question in the “incognito” mode.  This will help you to determine if an extension is at fault.

As we do a lot using browsers, it’s really frustrating if it doesn’t respond. Hopefully, the above methods helped you to troubleshoot the issue.