How To Create A YouTube Channel: Grow Your Business Or Make Yourself A Brand

How To Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube, owned by Google, is the greatest video platform with billions of active monthly users. The ease of sharing videos on YouTube is one of the main reasons why this platform has gained so much popularity over the years. For content creators, whether they are business owners, gaming channels, product reviewers, or makeup tutorials, YouTube is a great source to produce a high number of views on videos and generate revenue. It’s profound user makes it easier for content creators to reach a large audience. So what are you waiting for? Quickly dive into How to create a YouTube Channel and give a boost to your own brand or business.

In this article, we are going to cover everything you should know about creating YouTube channels, optimizing the channel & video optimization to enable you to create your own channel & start growing your audience today.

Steps to Start a YouTube Channel

  1. Create a YouTube channel using Google account
  2. Create your brand identity by adding channel art & channel icon
  3. Add links and other details to your channel
  4. Optimize to enhance discoverability
  5. Verify account to enable more features
  6. Add videos and optimize them to appear in search.

Create a YouTube Channel Using Google Account

As you might know, to watch, share and comment on YouTube videos you require a Google account. Similarly, if you wish to create a YouTube channel, you’ll need a Google account. To create a YouTube channel, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to and click “sign-in” in the top right corner.
  2. Now, log in using email id and password into your Google account you’d like to create your channel with. ( if you don’t already have one, quickly setup Google account and sign in).
  3. Now, tap your user icon in the top right corner of YouTube’s homepage and click on “create a channel”

create youtube channel

4. YouTube provides two options to choose how to create your channel:

    • “Use your name or custom name”
    • Select “custom name”

create youtube channel

Now, It’s time to give your channel a unique name to represent you and your content. Though you can change your channel name at any time, it is suggested you choose the name wisely. You may use your brand’s name to represent your channel.

Create Your Brand Identity By Adding Channel Art & Channel Icon

Creating an appealing brand identity is very crucial for running a successful YouTube channel as that’ll be the first impression for your audience. Thus, it’ll wise to add a glorifying channel art and profile icon to symbolize your channel.

How to Add Channel Art:

Channel art is like a cover photo of Facebook. Youtube’s channel art size should be minimum 1546 * 423 and maximum 2560 * 423 with a file size not exceeding 6MB.

When you click on “customize channel”, you’ll notice a blank rectangular space with a clear call to action to add channel art.

channel art

Click on that link and select your own custom channel art or choose one from YouTube’s templates. Crop the image ensuring it’s all lined up correctly. Click “select” and it’ll be saved as your channel art.

How to Add Channel Icon:

You must be aware of the channel icon, it’s the icon that shows up next to your YouTube videos. The recommended image size for the icon is “800 * 800 pixels”. To add profile icon, click on “customize channel”, hover on the current channel icon and click to edit. Upload your channel icon and click save.

channel icon

Add Links and Other Details to Your Channel

Adding links to your website or social media channels and other important details make your audience more aware of you and thus adds on to your credibility among them. This credibility consequently converts your audience into subscribers.

To add links and other details, hit “customize channel”, then click on “About”.

add description & links

Here you can write a description about your channel explaining the purpose of your channel and the type of video content visitors should expect to see on your channel. This description can be optimized using keywords to enhance discoverability.

Apart from this, you can also add your location, an email to handle queries and important links. Upto 5 links can be added that will overlay channel art, that means, upto 5 icons containing links you choose to add in the about section will overlay your channel art. To add these links click “+Links” and enter the title along with URL to direct your users to your website and other social networks.

Optimize to Enhance Discoverability

In order to ensure people can find you, your channel must be optimized. So, visit your customization dashboard and click the gear icon present on right.

gear icon

This will prompt an interface showing “Advance settings” below “Customize the layout of your channel” option.

advance settings

Click on this “Advance settings” option, then you will be directed to a page where you’ll enter some information like country and your channel keywords.

Your keywords can be the term people may use to search your videos, problems solved by your videos, featured products in the videos and more.

Verify Account to Enable More Features

Verification of YouTube channels enables more astounding features of YouTube like: uploading videos longer than 15 minutes, adding custom thumbnails, live stream and more.

To verify your account:

  1. Click on your channel icon in the top right corner, then click “settings”.
  2. Now, tap “channel status and features” and click “verify”.


3. Enter your country of residence and select a method to receive verification code via call or text.

4. Enter the six-digit verification code and click “confirm”

That’s it! You are all set. Your YouTube channel is now verified. Enjoy additional features.

Add Videos and Optimize Them to Appear in Search

Hurray! You have successfully created a YouTube channel and optimized it. Now you only need to add engaging videos to grow your audience.

Post adding videos make sure they are properly optimized for search so that people can discover your content on YouTube.  For your convenience, we have mentioned below some basic tips to optimize your content for YouTube.

  1. The title of your videos should be compelling, clear, and concise to ensure the viewer click through it to watch the complete video.
  2. The description shouldn’t be exaggerated. It should be upfront explaining the purpose of the video.
  3. Though the allowed length of description is 1000 characters, yet YouTube displays only 2-3 lines of it. So, add the most important information in the first 100 characters.
  4. Add tags to explain the content and context of your video.
  5. Select a suitable category to group your video with similar content and thus increasing its probability of being watched.

Congratulations! Now, you have learned how to create a YouTube channel and also know the effective ways to optimize it and the content for maximum discoverability. If you still have any query let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to solve them with our new articles.