How To Unblock Someone On Facebook? Find Out Here

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There are always a few people on our Facebook friend list who unknowingly or intentionally annoy us with their awkward comments on our posts and unnecessary messages. The best solution you will find to stop such annoyance is to unfriend such persons from your Facebook. But, what if that person is your immediate boss at your workplace? Or he/she is your relative. So, a wise option to opt-in this situation is “Block” the person. 

Blocking a person on Facebook means that the individual you block won’t be able to see the things you post on your timeline, tag you, invite you to events and groups or start a conversation with you. Very Relaxing, Right!

To block someone on Facebook, just open your account and search for the profile of that person by entering his/her name. Click on three dots appearing at the bottom-right of the cover image. Tap “Block” and “Confirm”.

How to unblock someone on facebook

Now the person is blocked. What will you do if you change your mind? Do you know how to unblock someone on Facebook? 

To make things easier for you, we will show you how to do that.

Here’s How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

  • Visit and login to your account
  • Click the arrow in the top-right corner of the page
  • Tap on settings
  • Choose “blocking” in the left panel 

How to unblock someone on facebook

  • A list of blocked people will appear
  • Tap “unblock” next to the person’s name 

How to unblock someone on facebook

  • “Confirm” to unblock.

Few things you need to keep in mind are: 

  • Once you unblock a person you won’t be able to block him/her again for 48 hours. 
  • The person can find you, contact you, and tag you again
  • After unblocking the person won’t automatically become your friend, you’ll need to send them a friend request.

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If you have an android device and baffled about how to unblock someone on Facebook android, go through the following process:

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Android

  • Open the Facebook App
  • Tap the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner
  • Scroll-down for “Settings & Privacy”

unblocking on facebook

  • Tap and select “Settings”
  • In the Privacy section, click “Blocking”

unblocking on facebook

  • Tap “ Unblock” placed next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

It’s all done. You have successfully learned how to unblock someone on Facebook App. However, if you were irated by someone’s unnecessary messages and blocked him/her from Facebook messenger of your Android device but now wondering how to unblock the person. Here you go:

How To Unblock A Person On Facebook Messenger

  • Open your Facebook messenger app
  • Click your profile picture in the top left corner appearing besides “Chats”.
  • Scroll down and tap “People”
  • Select “Blocked People”
  • Now Tap “Unblock” next to the name of the person you wish to unblock.

This is how you can unblock someone on Facebook and retain your relations. Blocking on Facebook is not difficult. However, Facebook has offered you many other ways of taking a break from someone by which you can preserve your privacy. Let us know in the comments which one you find the most favorable for you.