4 Things To Consider When Choosing Commercial Van Rental In Singapore


Commercial vehicle leasing services are not new in Singapore. Many people rent a limousine for special events such as weddings or balls. Some rent a sedan to temporarily use while waiting for their car to be fixed. And others rent a van to carry their belongings when moving into their new place.

Commercial van rental in Singapore is not as simple as renting a sedan. Drivers must consider several factors before choosing the right dealer or leasing service.

Here are the things you must think about before renting a van:

1. Identify your purpose

There are many reasons why people rent a van. Some use it for group travel, while others choose to rent a van to transport their belongings when moving in. Some use a light goods vehicle in Singapore to transport products from the warehouse to the shop.

Why is it crucial to identify the purpose? It is crucial, so you know what kind of van to rent. For example, the ideal van for group travel is a medium van. This van has comfortable seating, an air conditioning unit, and a CD player.

However, if you need a van to carry your stuff or transport goods, you may need a pick-up truck or a box van. These vans have open storage for your stuff.

2. Count your passengers

You determined that you need a van for travelling, the next step is to count all your passengers. Passenger vans have different capacities. Minivans can fit six to eight passengers, while a large van can carry fifteen people.

3. Consider your budget

Different factors affect the rates of commercial vehicle leasing in Singapore. The first factor is the season. Rental rates increase during peak seasons. It is better to book early to avoid the surcharge.

The second factor is the car type of model. The larger, newer, and more branded the car is, the more expensive it will be.

The third factor is the fees. Collision waivers, fuel policies, insurances, add-ons, and taxes pile up and add a significant amount to your bill. Set a budget before renting a van.

4. Car rental reputation

If you can’t buy a much cheaper used car for sale in Singapore, at least find a reputable car leasing company. Make sure they have the permit to operate the business. Ensure they maintain and check their vehicles regularly.

You can find the right car rental if you consider these things.

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