5 Question You Should Ask When Looking For Funeral Services


Life and death are both natural occurrences in everyone’s lives. However, death isn’t like life that you will know when it will happen. It is indeed an inevitable unfortunate event that no one knows when to predict. Although we can’t foresee the future, we must know what question we should ask when looking for funeral services.

1. How long have you been in this industry of funeral services?

Knowing how many years are they in this business, will help you understand and verify their expertise when it comes to handling funeral services. Also, you should ask if this an independent business or locally owned?

2. Are you a part of any associations or organisation?

Yes, it is essential to know if they are part of any association organisation because this will assures how professional their standards are when it comes to funeral services.

3. Do you handle funeral services in-house or outsourced to providers?

Believe it or not, there are funeral directors here in Singapore that handle in-house funeral services. However, there are funeral directors who still ask for outside help. So do ask if they handle everything all in all.

4. What funeral services do you offer?

You might think all funeral services are the same, but that’s not true, because some of them offer different options for everyone to choose. Such as religious funeral: buddhist, taoist, christian, catholic, freethinker, and other beliefs, Customised funeral services, little angel, green funeral, International Repatriation, and 24 Hours funeral service.

5. How much the average funeral services would cost, and is there any additional expense should I be ready for?

Always request for a copy of their general price list to get an idea of how much their funeral services would cost, and how much would be the fee if you hire it with a funeral director.

Here are just some questions you should ask when looking for funeral services. But if you want to know more about the process, then contact a funeral director from Ang Chin Moh in Singapore as they can answer your enquiries.


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