5 Reasons Your Car Needs an Air Purifier from a Trusted Singapore Brand


Air pollution is one of the leading causes of upper respiratory and other health problems worldwide. The phenomenon has a significant impact on our vehicles since there are no limitations to air. Hence, buying an air purifier from reputable Singapore vendors and installing it in your car may be the most effective protection to take. Here are the five benefits you can receive.

#1 Rids Allergens

Anything can trigger an allergic response, including dust mites, pollens, and particle debris. Things grow worse if you frequently travel with youngsters or elderlies. However, you can be confident that your cabin is allergen free by buying an air purifier or cleaner from reputable Singapore vendors and installing it in your car.

#2 Eliminate Unwanted Odours

The air quality within your cabin may degrade further if you smoke. You may eliminate not just the odour of passive smoking but also chemical and other undesirable odours using an air purifier or ionizer from a reputable Singapore vendor. VOC odours emitted by stored fuels and automotive components can increase the pollution level within your car.

#3 Removes Pet Dander

Your dogs tend to shed dead skin, fur, and hair. It can contribute to the pollutants in the cabin. Quickly remove flecks of your dead skin and minute particles of fur using an air purifier or cleaner from a reputable Singapore brand, resulting in a less filthy cabin.

#4 Reduces Carbon Dioxide

When they breathe, they exhale carbon dioxide. If you drive long distances with your windows closed, CO2 concentrations in your cabin increase. A high-quality car air purifier from a reputable Singapore brand that uses HEPA filters circulates cleaner air within the cabin, balancing off carbon dioxide saturation and allowing you to breathe easier.

#5 Rids of Primary Air Pollutants

Pollutants can be solid, liquid, or gaseous. Some are artificial, while others are in nature. When we roll down our automobile windows, these contaminants make their way inside and wreak havoc by causing allergies to respiratory problems. Equip your car with an air purifier from a reputable Singapore brand with a HEPA and carbon filter. It will trap contaminants and destroy carcinogens.

Neosys Singapore is a NEOSYS Group subsidiary from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company supplies thousands of office equipment, such as shredders and air ioniser machines, to small and large organisations around Singapore and Southeast Asia. NEOSYS’ business approach is to offer only well-established products of proven quality while providing competent technical support. Visit their website to learn more about their products and services, including various air purifier models sold in Singapore and overseas.


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