5 Steps For Raising Awareness Of Urban Poverty


Singapore may be one of the world’s wealthiest countries, but urban poverty still exists. Even though there are only a few groups of an organisation that talks about this social inequity, no one can deny that in Singapore, the poverty line is growing.

As the rich get richer, unequal income is becoming more prevalent. To solve this matter, everyone needs to become one, and raising awareness of urban poverty starts with you:

STEP 1: Start Talking With Your Voice, Not Just In Your Mind

No one will hear about your plans if you only speak your mind. If you want others to become more aware of the social inequity in Singapore, start talking with your voice. Join seminars or webinars related to this social movement.

STEP: 2 Create A Platform

For more people to hear about you and your plans concerning urban poverty, you need to create a platform and share it with your family and friends. Doing so will help encourage others to get involved too.

STEP: 3 Think Of The Process, Not The Outcome

Instead of thinking about what will happen ten years from now, think about what will happen in the coming days. Before you can see the future, you need to do something with your present and plan things out from there.

STEP 4: Be Yourself

You do not have to be someone else to make other people listen to your voice and raise awareness of urban poverty. Just show them what made you start to take a step forward for this social movement.

STEP 5: Know When To Stop

No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. If you already have explained your plans, the next thing you do is wait. Let them realise what you have said and do not push your belief too much on them,

If you want to share your inspiring story and volunteer opportunities in Singapore, reach out to The Best Of You! They have been an organisation of encouragement that helps many people voice out what they have in mind and nudge others to do the same.


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