Child education and Child psychology – How Kumon help a child in overall growth?

Child education and Child psychology - How Kumon help a child in overall growth?

Child education and child psychology are very closely related. Education is the modification of behavior in a controlled and desirable direction, whereas psychology is the study of behavior. For implementing any kind of behavior modification through education, it is necessary to study the science of behavior. Therefore, education and psychology are logically related. 

A kid’s developmental stages and characteristics are very important factors which the teacher must know. Traditional education was teacher-dominated and subject-centered, whereas the modern concept of education has changed into learner and learning centred. Kumon understands the importance of the modern concept of education and therefore, the Math and English learning classes for kids are designed in such as way that students study and grow at their own pace through self-learning with minimal interference from the teacher, only when required. 

Below mentioned are some ways how Kumon helps a child in overall growth and development. 

1. Kumon increases a kid’s focus and concentration

Through daily practice, the Kumon program helps your child improve concentration and focus. The instructors at Kumon are responsible to find the “just right” level for your children and keep them engaged and motivated. Kumon’s worksheets and learning materials are designed to build on a series of steps that motivates self-learning. 

2. Kumon increases a kid’s confidence

Kumon stimulates confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning that lasts for a lifetime. When a child archives something, no matter how big or small, gives them a sense of accomplishment. With each milestone in learning, kids develop a belief in their own abilities and with the ongoing praise, recognition, encouragement, and rewards, students reach their maximum potential and gain confidence. 

Kids who require more time to learn a topic feel less pressured, whereas children who can excel are provided with more complex materials to challenge themselves. In this way, every child is boosted with confidence by knowing that they are continuously progressing at a pace appropriate for their learning abilities. 

3. Kumon develops time management skills

As the Kumon learning method is based on worksheets and requires daily study and engagement, it helps in developing discipline and time management skills in your children. Whether be Maths or English, the amount of time required for each class is almost the same. Setting that time aside daily can become a positive habit in kids. Once the habit becomes nature, confidence, and independence naturally set in. 

4. Kumon develops independent learning skills

The main difference between any traditional tuition classes and Kumon is the style of learning. In a tuition class, the tutor mostly engages with a child and explains how to solve a problem. This makes students passive learners. Whereas in Kumon, students develop strong self-learning skills through the Kumon method. By going beyond tutoring, Kumon actively develops critical thinking skills in children, where they progress independently through carefully crafted Maths and English classes for kids. Each of the lessons is planned and individualized by the centre instructor of your children. 

These worksheets are designed to provide examples of the problems that are to be solved. The student is challenged to follow the example and try to solve the problem on their own. Only when they have tried but not succeeded, can ask for help from the instructor. The best thing about the self-learning process is that students learn by doing, not by watching. With the long-term association with Kumon, problem-solving skills often become second nature for students. 

Wrapping It Up

The Kumon learning process helps any kid of any ability to progress to their maximum potential and become an enthusiastic learner. Apart from that, Kumon also develops important life skills in children through the Kumon Method. To pick up skills such as time management and self-discipline, they gain confidence in their abilities, a healthy level of self-esteem, and a drive to overcome challenges. The educational approach of Kumon prepares students for their future, ensuring they possess essential life skills for pursuing their aspirations and dream. 

For more information on the Kumon Method of learning or about Maths and English classes for kids, please visit our website. 

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