Depression and Drug Abuse

Depression and Drug Abuse

The fact that mental illness and drugs are closely connected, has been proven long ago. When a person struggles with a mental condition and substance abuse, it is known as co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Depression is one of common mental conditions that happen along with substance abuse. The relationship between these two factors is bi-directional. People who suffer from mental issues are more likely to choose substance abuse and vice-versa. Patients of depressions choose drinks and drugs to get out of depressed feeling. But alcohol as a depressant tend to increase the feeling of fatigue and sadness. Even people feel depressed as the effect of the drugs start to wear off as they get more concerned about the situation in their life or around them.

Substance abuse and depression

Native Americans and Depression is often related to drug abuse. Signs of depression often include lack of energy, changes in sleep pattern and appetite, lack of interest in activities, trouble with concentration, and lastly suicidal thoughts. People who have unsuccessfully tried to cut back on drug or alcohol must be careful. If you are still using substances even when it is problematic for your relationships, you must get help.

Find treatment

There is separate treatment available for depression and addiction. If an individual is suffering from depression, it is necessary to talk about substance abuse with the doctor. Patients with substance abuse must get mental assistance as a part of the treatment process as there is a chance of hidden mental issues. In the case of dual diagnosis, different types of therapies including medical and peer support is used. Individual or group counselling, family involvement, medical assistance, and pharmacotherapy is used considering the condition of the patient. Different individual response in a different way to certain treatment processes. That is why different methods are used to treat different patients.


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