How Does The Direct Brow Technique Help To Lift Eyebrows? 

How Does The Direct Brow Technique Help To Lift Eyebrows

For girls, appearance is a topic that is still relevant. Every female aspired to look stunning and draw attention to their shortcomings through minor, precise surgery. One of the well-known operations done using the brow technique to eyebrow lift surgery (ผ่าตัด ยก คิ้ว, which is the term in Thai) and make it attractive. 

Direct brow lifting is the technique to do surgery on the upper edge of the eyebrow, cut off the excess skin, and enhances it by sewing it in the proper portion. It is all done with a helpful study by the doctor; they examine and draw the eyebrow as per your face appearance. 

What Are The Advantages Of The Brow Lifting Technique?

This surgery does not involve long-form preparation as it is considered small. So doctors take less time for this eyebrow lift surgery without falling. It involves a less swelling procedure that doesn’t require healing; after the surgery is done, you can enjoy everyday life. 

One of the advantages of this surgery is that it makes a face younger and brighter because the surgery increases the area between the eyebrows and eyes. It also helps to reduce sagging in the eyelid. For this, people also consider double eyelid surgery to remove extra parts from it. 

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken After Surgery?

As the surgery is minor, some precaution is necessary for safety. So here are a few precautions:

  • After 48 hours of surgery, keep a gel compress for proper healing. The gauze pad should not get wet; if you witness bleeding, gauze helps the wound stop blood and swelling. 
  • Use clean cotton to clean the wound 1-2 times daily with saline. If there is a bruise, use a warm compress to heal faster and reduce swelling. 
  • Do not use drugs, medicine, or vitamins before surgery. As it can be taken after surgery when there is no bleeding. 
  • Avoid eating fermented food, seafood, and alcohol for two weeks so that ulcers will not happen. Painkillers can be taken when any unwanted symptoms are there with the help of a doctor. 

So you can see the effects of eyebrow lift surgery; it enhances your look and makes it appealing to others. There is no complicated surgery involved; you can quickly get one with some precautions and consultation with the doctor. 

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