3 Reasons Why English Tutoring Online Is Best For You

3 Reasons Why English Tutoring Online Is Best For You

You probably didn’t spend the entire year at home, whatever your new year’s resolutions were. Taking a break is a great way to find something new after our plans have changed. The good news is that despite all the schools and language institutes closing their doors, you can still attend English tutoring online (ติว อังกฤษ ออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai)!

You may not have thought of these six advantages until you began to learn English online.

  • You Can Learn From The Comfort Of Your Sofa

No student has ever shown up in pajamas at Oxford House. Taking an online class gives you this option! You can study English online from your own home, one of the most significant benefits of learning English online.

  • Multiple Resources Can Be Used At Once

It is common for online classes to take place on computers or tablets, and these devices can be used in many different ways. Google can help you discover more detail about a business, a name, or a demo or guidance by your teacher. During a lecture, you can consult dictionary entries and grammar rules, and research available on the internet can also give you more ideas.

  • It Is Possible To Improve Each Of These English Skills

Speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension skills can be practiced and enhanced by online English tutoring.

  • Speaking

Video calls allow you to conduct live conversations along the lines of a classroom setting. You can run an English conversation with your classmates using popular video conferencing apps like Zoom or Webex. 

  • Listening

YouTube videos, TED talks, and podcasts are great ways to practice listening comprehension. The subtitles and transcripts can help you understand the video’s message and answer any queries or doubts regarding English.

  • Reading

With the number of articles and ebooks available online, improving your reading skills and enhancing your vocabulary is easy. You will find lots of interesting blogs at the Oxford House blog, and you can search online for topics of interest.

  • Writing

It is easy to write assignments of any kind through email or online learning platforms. Mini-essays and homework are easy to send your teachers online English tutoring. The Google Docs and Google Slides tools allow you to collaborate on assignments with friends and classmates (in real-time).

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