4 Piano Buying Tips: Which Grand Piano Size to Get and More


How do you pick the best piano for you? Buying a piano can be overwhelming, especially when choosing from a wide variety. Narrow down the choices by following these steps. This guide will take you through each step, from considering the piano price in Singapore to finding the best size.

Consider your budget and skill level.

Your skill level is the ideal place to start when looking for a piano to buy. Have you just started learning how to play? If so, you don’t need to drain your money on a grand piano. Instead, look for upright pianos or electronic keyboards. These pianos are less intimidating as you master the basics. From there, look at your budget and your priorities. While an upright piano is more authentic than a keyboard, piano price in Singapore is still higher.

Keyboards are the cheapest option, and they still sound great even if the sounds aren’t from the strings of a real piano. If you want a real piano and have the money for it, feel free to splurge on an upright piano.

Find a reputable seller.

If you’re saving money, you can buy a second-hand piano online. However, make sure these sellers are considered trustworthy. There are many scammers online looking to take advantage of you. You can avoid this risk by buying a brand-new piano instead. Regardless, look for any reviews for the seller, as it can warn you about any issues in advance. For example, Steinway Gallery’s piano site has a review section that everyone can view.

Consider the piano’s size.

Don’t forget to consider how much space your piano will take up. For example, a grand piano doesn’t have the size to fit in a living room. Even electronic keyboards take up a lot of space, though they are the smallest of all three types.

Before buying, measure the area you’re reserving for your piano. Try to find a piano that matches that measurement. If the space is too small to fit any piano, you can adjust your furniture to make more room. That way, whatever you get will be a perfect fit.

Consider the piano’s appearance.

Picking your new piano shouldn’t just be based on practicality! Find a piano you’ll be excited to see every day. Its design should encourage you to sit down in front of it and practice. There are many varied designs that you’ll be able to find one you like regardless of piano price in Singapore.

Do you need to buy or rent a piano? Contact Steinway Gallery Singapore for high-quality upright and grand pianos. View Steinway Gallery’s piano review page for testimonials.


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