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5 Tips for Your Short Term Rental Stay in Singapore


Some find more opportunities abroad, so they’ll need to stay there for at least months or a year to finish their endeavours. There’s no denying that expats have to adjust to their new lives in a new environment. For most, the first thing on their list would probably be the short term rental accommodation in Singapore.

If you’re a first-time ex-pat, here’s how you can make your apartment feel like home.

1. Ship Existing Furniture to Your New Accommodation

If you don’t want to feel homesick, you can ship the existing furniture to your new accommodation, like your favourite couch, mattress, or the coffee table where you put your belongings. Although it’s a short term rental in Singapore, making it feel like home will feel less foreign.

2. Look for Secondhand Shops

Do you want to go on a budget for your short term accommodation in Singapore? If yes, you can look for secondhand shops to limit your spending since you’ll only stay for a short period. It’s better to not invest in more expensive furnishings.

3. Ask About Electricity, Water, Internet

Although you’re only going to stay for a short term rental, ask the building administration about the essentials like electricity, water and the internet. Inquire if they have access to these essentials monthly without interruption.

4. Look for a Local Help

It’s also best to look for a local to help you organise your housing arrangements. A local friend can help find the best vendors that offer affordable essentials for your monthly services apartments in Singapore.

5. Prepare Enough Savings

Enough savings can help you during emergencies when living abroad alone. Before going to a new country, make sure you have an emergency fund to solve problems right away since you live away from your family and friends.

Finding new opportunities abroad can start your development, but of course, you still need accommodation from Expat Corporate Apartments, a short term rental in Singapore. Visit their website to ask for more details.


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