6 Basic Maintenance Tips to Reduce Bike Servicing Visits in Singapore


Maintaining their bicycle is essential for all types of riders. Whether you ride your bike to work, ride the trails or participate in cycling events in and around Singapore, you must perform maintenance to avoid dangerous situations and pricey shocks down the line. Here are six maintenance tips to ensure your bike is in tip-top shape.

#1 Keep It Clean

Just like you would wash your car to keep it looking good and functioning smoothly, you should maintain your bicycle to extend the life of your trip. It will help keep grime and oil from eating away the mechanical components of your bike. It can also reduce your visits to bike servicing and repair at Singapore shops.

#2 Constantly Lubricate Your Drivetrain

Always wipe down and clean your chain after going for a ride. It will give the lubricant time to soak into the chain. Use a small quantity and wipe any excess if you apply lubrication since it might attract additional dirt and hinder shifting. Get a chain cleaner from the bike servicing shop in Singapore to remove heavy grease if you have a lot of accumulation.

#3 Regular Tire Inspections

Always examine your tyres and use a floor pump to check their pressure. After confirming the proper inflation of your tyres, inspect them for any additional damage or wear that might cause them to go flat during a trip. Moreover, attend a bicycle workshop that provides mechanics lessons to teach you how to replace tubes and other fundamentals of maintaining and rebuilding your bike.

#4 Habitual Brake Checks

Brake pads deteriorate with time, so inspect them between bike servicing appointments at Singapore shops. Go for a little ride around the neighbourhood and pump your brakes. If you notice that your brakes are soft, you are probably due for a brake pad replacement.

#5 Tighten Bolts, Screws & Nuts

Before leaving, keep everything together by inspecting any loose bolts, screws, or nuts. If you lose some nuts or bolts while riding, ensure you have some spares on hand to fix things immediately. Some bike servicing shops in Singapore and abroad can give you nuts and bolts if you ask them.

#6 Regular Servicing

It is critical to maintaining your bicycle by bringing it to a bicycle service workshop. Experienced mechanics know to keep you on the road and enjoying your bike for the rest of your life. They will address your concerns and examine your needs to guarantee your bicycle is safe to use

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