How Important Are GMAT Mocks?

How Important Are GMAT Mocks?

The GMAT exam can be challenging, especially when you take it for the first time. The exam has high stakes considering it is one of the important admission requirements to most b-schools in India and abroad. Besides, the exam tests various topics, most of which you might’ve not come across over years. Hence, you need to prepare well to ace the exam with a stellar score. Taking official GMAT mock tests is one of the best ways for your GMAT preparation, as they are the most authentic practice formats available. But, how do you practice with mock tests, and what are the things that you need to keep in mind while practicing? Read on to find out. 

GMAT Mocks

Mock tests are practice tests that imitate the actual GMAT test paper. Taking mock tests is an important part of your preparation as it is the best way to test your learning. However, you need to be careful while choosing mock tests, because only the best practice test yields the best results. The best option is to take the GMAT official mocks from, the official website of the GMAT. Since the test is from the GMAT administrator itself, the questions will be based on the latest pattern. 

Apart from the official mocks, a lot of similar tests are available both offline and online. However, most tend to choose online GMAT practice tests, as they are more convenient and relevant, more so they simulate the actual test. Besides, these mock tests come in different forms, such as sectional mocks, practice questions, complete mock tests, etc. You can choose the right type of mock test depending on your requirements. 

No matter what type of mock tests you choose, try to attempt them without fail at least once a week. Mock tests not only familiarize you with the pattern or difficulty level of the questions but also help you identify your weaknesses. Once you identify the subject areas you are weaker in, you can focus more on working on those topics. 

Besides, GMAT mocks help improve your test scores. Once you take a test, take time and review your answers, both correct and incorrect ones. This will give you an idea of how effective your preparation was, or how much more you have to work to reach the target score. By reviewing the questions, you’ll also be able to understand the concepts asked in each question and the tricky way through which it is presented to you. 

While attempting the mocks, try to take them in real test-like conditions. For example, try taking a timed test. Doing this will not only help you understand the pacing techniques but also help you learn some time management strategies. Mock tests can give you a chance to try and test different strategies, and thus, plan well for the actual test day. More so, taking mock tests boosts your confidence, as you will be familiar with every element of the exam by the time you appear for the actual one. 

A perfect score in the GMAT can only be achieved with proper practice, and mock tests are the best way to do that. Mocks not only provide you an overview of how the actual test is but also boost your confidence. Hence, if you’ve decided to appear for GMAT, start your preparation and attempt mocks!

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