Proper Texting Etiquette In 2022

Proper Texting Etiquette In 2022

Nowadays, texting is practically the most common mode of communication. The ability to text someone makes life a lot easier. You can communicate about anything through mobile SMS, social media, and other instant messaging apps. However, the convenience of texting can also bring barriers and sometimes complicate things. Telling the difference between what is appropriate has become challenging over the years. This is also the case for organizations that uses text messaging apps to connect with other people and record text messages for text messaging compliance, especially during work hours.

Businesses should practice proper texting etiquette, mainly etiquettes in group texting and respecting workplace boundaries. Among the measures to keep in mind include the following:

• Avoiding confusing shorthand, proper capitalization and punctuation is not completely necessary
• Allow serious conversations through text messages with the right etiquette
• Always re-read texts before sending
• Avoid texting too early or too late
• Always double-check the recipient

From the business messaging perspective, sending a message with a purpose and responding to it is always necessary. Even if you are busy, you must be able to send an acknowledgment that you have received a message. Your response is vital to avoid confusion. Such etiquettes exist to respect the texting boundaries in the workplace.

Practicing proper texting etiquette is vital for businesses that record texts for text messaging compliance as it eases e-Discovery. When using Telegram as the main means for text messaging, archiving messages and practicing texting etiquette allows achieving Telegram compliance with archiving laws.

Because different businesses adopt different text messaging solutions according to their needs, businesses will need to have the right archiving solution for them. Businesses that use WeChat will need to achieve WeChat compliance with relevant regulations.

Business owners who want to comply with all relevant archiving regulations and be professional while doing so should read Telemessage’s article on the proper texting etiquette in 2022.


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