The Guide To Wine Storage In Bangkok

The Guide To Wine Storage In Bangkok

Collecting different types of wine takes several years, patience, resources, and effort. It goes needless to mention that temperature-controlled wine storage in Bangkok is important if you want to preserve precious wine bottles. Lest they might lose their market value and taste over time.

Here is a detailed guide to proper wine storage and why it is important.

Why Is Proper Wine Storage Important?

If you expose the wine to oxygen, it quickly begins to lose its flavor, thanks to aerobic microorganisms’ spoilage and oxidation. However, you must remember that unopened bottles are as vulnerable to these environmental elements.

· Light

Both direct and artificial light can show reactions with phenolic compounds present in the wine. Upon reaction, the light can spoil the wine. The roses, sparkling wine, and white wine are most vulnerable to light damage than others. This is the reason, why you would find wines come in tinted glassware bottles.

· Temperature

Most wines can react to heat. As a result, they might start to age faster. Ideally, the wine storage in Bangkok stores wine at a constant 10-15 degrees Celsius temperature. On the flip side, low storage temperature can result in wine freezing. This might damage both the cork and the bottle.

· Humidity

The maximum humidity can prevent the cork from drying out. This prevents them from exposing to oxygen. On the other hand, excessive humidity can result in mold formation on the cork. Too much humidity can also smudge the labels.

· Vibration

Sudden movements in the wine storage stores can cause the sediments to get stirred. This can result in the wine either becoming less acidic, less aromatic or less sweet. To keep your precious wine safe from all of these factors, you must choose the best wine storage in Bangkok (ที่เก็บไวน์ในกรุงเทพ, which is the term in Thai).

How Does Wine Storage Stores Preserve Bottles Of Wine?

Here are some of the things that wine stores in Bangkok stores do to keep precious wine bottles safe from damage.

· They Store TheWine At The Ideal Temperature

The stores maintain 13 degrees Celcius to keep their wine bottles safe. It maintains an appropriate wine storage temperature. Since different wines need different temperatures during storage, the wine storage store maintains that. For instance, red wines offer a different storage temperature and champagne maintains a different temperature.

· Hey Uses AWine Refrigerator Rather Than A Regular Fridge

The normal kitchen refrigerator doesn’t have appropriate conditions to store wine for a long period. This is the reason, the wine storage in Bangkok counts on accurate wine refrigerators the purpose. Wine refrigerators are specially designed to maintain a steady humidity level and constant temperature level for the wine.

Apart from this, the wine storage areas also keep the wine bottles safe from vibration. They maintain the ideal humidity levels for the wine and let sufficient light. To keep your precious wine bottles safe from damage, you must always choose professional wine storage.

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