Review of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Review of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Because of their retrofit design and compatibility with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa, August smart locks are popular for homeowners. Our Editors’ Choice Award for the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock last year was based on the lock’s ease of installation, excellent app, and integration with smart home systems. In 2021, it’s still the winner.

This August lock is a winner because it is lighter and smarter than most competitors. This model does not need additional August Connect ($60 at Amazon) plug-in modules. The new lock costs $230, but it’s well worth the money if you want to put your front door on the internet. Check the august smart lock 4th generation battery life as well before purchasing.

Design of a smart lock with a smaller footprint

This fourth-generation model’s unique retrofit design honors August’s heritage. It’s the size that’s most strikingly different. Compared to previous models, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45{17031596ade760eba1027ffb7e2b2f3a956871336cbdb8155f200a88ba87f591} smaller, with a circumference of 2.8 inches and a depth of 1.8 inches. Putting a large piece of metal on your door’s interior isn’t a dream come true for an interior designer.

Almost all smart locks rely on a large battery and thumb latch housings mounted on the interior side of your door, resulting in an unsightly visual obstruction. August’s design is a big improvement over the original, in my opinion.

The design team made small changes to the original design, including the famous Yves Béhar. There is a distinct ridge pattern on the lock’s side, which is designed to enhance grip. You can tell if your door is locked by looking for the August logo on the ridge. Two CR123 batteries power the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock on the inside.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is now ready for use.

If you have 10 minutes of time and a screwdriver, you can easily install an August smart lock. For a step-by-step walkthrough of the process, download the August app, which is free and available for iOS and Android. As long as you remove the thumb latch on the interior side of the door, you won’t have to do anything else to your physical deadbolt. Fit the August plate and adapter for your lock into August Wi-Fi Smart Lock’s two locking wings, then clip on the lock.

The primary step is to make sure your door is properly closed. Smart locks have difficulty calibrating and fully locating doors that require an additional push to close.

The deadbolt should be free to move, and the lock’s mechanics should have no friction.

Having a stable Wi-Fi connection is essential. Installation and day-to-day use are both affected by this.

Keep your screws in a neat location. When it comes to smart locks, the placement of the screws can have a significant impact.

As you secure the screws, keep the August back plate’s cam bar (see below) centered. Loosen and readjust the screws while holding a little pressure on the plate to keep it in place if you find it’s too far up or down. If things aren’t aligned properly, it’s difficult to fit the adapter.

The August smart lock is the easiest to set up, and the app and printed in-box instructions make it simple to use. That’s not a surprise. August provides a list of compatible deadbolts from various manufacturers if you’re concerned about compatibility.

Better smart lock for your home

Starting with the most obvious, an August lock has been equipped with built-in wireless networking (WLAN) for the first time. This eliminates the requirement for the $80 August Connect module for remote control. While this is August’s first Wi-Fi-enabled lock, it’s not the only one on the market. Most smart locks will be Wi-Fi-enabled in the future. Schlage and Kwikset both have Wi-Fi-enabled models (both priced at $249).

You can control many smart locks via Bluetooth near the lock. Wi-Fi is required for remote control outside of this range and for remote control from anywhere in the world. Smart lock makers have previously used plug-in Wi-Fi adapters like the August Connect, but that has changed significantly since August’s first lock. Because of advancements in Wi-Fi chip technology, firms like August have incorporated it more easily into their lock designs. Lock and app performance fine-tuning follow to maximize battery life while maintaining a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Regarding the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock’s compatibility with voice commands and routines and automation, Alexa, Google, and Siri are all supported. August’s policies allow you to assign virtual keys to additional lock users for free, and you’ll also be able to set notifications for when something happens or doesn’t happen at your door. The DoorSense sensor on the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock lets you know if someone has left the door open or if it has been closed but not locked.

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