What Are The Various Diagnostics And Tests Available To Check Your Breast Health?

What Are The Various Diagnostics And Tests Available To Check Your Breast Health

The breast clinic offers various breast screening techniques like mammograms, ultrasound and biopsies. It is possible to detect breast cancer at its initial stage before it becomes incurable if you can undergo routine tests and examinations. Let us look through all the various tests performed by breast clinics and how you can prevent breast concerns from ruining your peace.

Breast Cancer: Exams For Early Detection Of Symptoms

Some of the top breast exams that are performed by the breast care clinics are:


Mammograms are essential tools used for screening for breast cancer, diagnosing the disease, and evaluating the severity in one’s body. Mammograms take X-ray images of your breast.

The Different Types Of Mammograms

Mammograms Are Of Two Different Types:

  • Screening Mammograms:

It can help detect changes in the breast if you don’t develop any abnormalities in your breast or symptoms.

  • Diagnostic Mammograms:

This examination can determine suspicious changes in the breast like lumps, nipple discharge and pain. Additionally, it can also evaluate the abnormalities found during the screening mammograms.

Mammograms are pretty safe, and even young girls can get them done to check for early breast cancer signs. The best clinic counts on low radiation during mammogram techniques.


For breast ultrasounds, sound waves are used to produce breast tissue images. This technique checks for breast abnormalities and tumours. There are different benefits associated with breast ultrasounds, as they can help you to be sure if:

  • There are lumps inside your breast.
  • There are tumours and cysts filled with fluids.
  • You need more tests to determine if you have cancer.


There are different types of breast biopsy techniques, and all of these depend on your breast lump size and where it has occurred.

The Different Biopsies Are:

  • Core Needle Biopsy:

This evaluates breast lumps identified through ultrasounds and mammograms. This procedure doesn’t need any cuts.

  • Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy:

This procedure also doesn’t need any cuts and can help you determine if the concerning area has a solid lump or a cyst.

  • Surgical Biopsy:

During Surgical biopsy, small incisions are made on the breasts to remove either one part of the concerning area or all of it.

Breast cancer might not be preventable, but several examinations and tests can help you detect tumours. These examinations can detect your tumours in their initial stages and stop them from spreading. If you are concerned about your breast health, then get in touch with a breast clinic near you right away.

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