What To Do When You Find Yourself In A Car Breakdown Situation?

What To Do When You Find Yourself In A Car Breakdown Situation

It doesn’t matter where you are or how long you’ve been driving; you can experience a car breakdown anytime and without warning. It just happens, and in such situations, you feel helpless if the location of the breakdown is unsafe and secluded, especially at night. It becomes challenging to get help and even call for a slide car (รถสไลด์, which is the term in Thai) service in that case. 

There are several services available for Slide car Ramkhamhaeng (รถสไลด์รามคำแหง, term in Thai), which are helpful as and when required. When your car breaks down in an unknown place, you have no choice but to wait for a towing truck or slide car to arrive. Follow these tips if you are in a car breakdown or crash situation.

Find A Safe Place To Move Your Vehicle As Much As Possible.

When a car breaks down, there is always a high risk of damage by anything on the road. Hence, moving the vehicle to a safe place or sideways of the road becomes essential for their safety and other cars.

This also helps to avoid any hazardous accidents on the road, be it at any time of day or night. When this happens, it can also pose a danger to the driver. Also, ensure that you acknowledge the viewing area of parking in assisting the tow truck or forklift in picking up the car without any issues or struggles.

Always Turn The Emergency Lights On

Whenever you face the issue of a car breakdown, car crash, or the car is not able to move, always remember to switch on the emergency lights. This helps the other vehicles indicate that there is something wrong with this vehicle and it needs help.

You can even use the emergency triangle signage to alert the other vehicles. This helps drive the broken or damaged vehicle slowly on fast-moving roads and can easily be shifted to a safe spot. This will also help the tow cars or forklifts to identify the vehicle.

Keep The Hood Of The Car Open.

Keeping the hood of the car open help to notify the people passing by or Slide car Ramkhamhaeng to identify the vehicle in need. This help is warning or the car being broken out loud.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation of a broken car, the first thing to do is not to panic and follow the steps mentioned. This will eventually help you to overcome the crisis.

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