Why Should Companies Look To Avoid Guaranteed SEO Ranking Strategies?

Why Should Companies Look To Avoid Guaranteed SEO Ranking Strategies

Guaranteed SEO ranking implies any agency or person offering you a first-page SEO ranking within a timeframe. Although the offer seems quite alluring, no one can give a guarantee on SEO ranking as search engines are not under the affliction of any company. Hence if someone is offering a guaranteed SEO rating, you should avoid them completely. Here are a few reasons which can help in understanding why guaranteed SEO and why you should avoid it.

1. Guaranteed SEO Ranking Is At Times Achieved Using Black Hat Strategies

No search engine will allow the keywords to be manipulated. At times, a person or agency uses illegal methods to achieve and provide guaranteed SEO which can be dangerous for your company in the long run.

2. Long Term Engagement

Gaining audiences is a long-term plan which includes reader engagement, providing quality content, and providing content on recent topics. The agency or person providing guaranteed SEO ranking strategies are very short-sighted and cannot make you visible to a long-term organic audience. Hence it is best to keep away from them altogether.

3. Search Engines Can Not Be Controlled

No company or agency can control search engines. We can monitor the increase and decrease in any keyword on search engines with available tools. This means no one can guarantee SEO or first-page keywords, as the search engines are too volatile. What is popular in the morning may not be the same in the evening. Hence one should always avoid SEO guarantees and never indulge in them.

4. One Wrong Turn and Everything Is Gone

As such, in digital marketing and digital media, everything is available for access to everyone. That means if someone chooses the wrong Seo marketing strategy, there are chances they can lose business or their clientele. If these chosen agencies with guaranteed SEO ranking are using illegal means and get caught, your website and name all would be gone, and there would be penalties.

5. Content Is the Ultimate Key

Say, even if you got the audience’s attention through guaranteed means, you still need to keep them engaged. A guaranteed SEO strategy never suggests any long-term plan. In some cases, the strategists for guaranteed SEO choose the keywords, and companies have to make the content around these keywords only, which may or may not be beneficial for a company.

Content is the ultimate key. Using the right and related keywords is very important for a company’s successful function and visualization. Hence it is advised to avoid guaranteed SEO.


With the reasons mentioned above, it is clear what is guaranteed SEO and why you should avoid it. Whenever choosing an agency for SEO optimization, keep in mind that maintaining an organic reader is more important than achieving the first page guaranteed SEO. Using illegal means to achieve maximum SEO optimization can lead to penalties and loss of business.

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