5 Design Tips for Your Company Printed T Shirts


Every company must have a brand image, from start-up businesses to well-known corporations. It gives your business a sense of identity that can help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. It gives your brand an image that will promote the legacy and may survive the test of time. Take, for example, Chanel. The Chanel brand has a distinct appearance that is recognisable. You can also do this by designing company printed t shirts for your brand.

Now, if you plan to design your company shirts, there are sets of rules that you must follow. Although you can have creative freedom, following such practices can make your company shirts more effective. Nonetheless, here’s how you can design your shirt to improve the company image.

1. Look for Comfortable Garments

First, you must look for a garment that will look appropriate for the designs. For instance, you can choose a polo shirt to make your shirts look professional. You can also choose a simple shirt if you want a casual look. Nonetheless, it’s better to choose comfortable garments before proceeding with the t shirt printing in Singapore.

2. Putting a Logo

You have the freedom to put a logo on your company shirt. However, you must be considerate about the placement as it can affect the shirt’s overall look. Perhaps, you can consider a meeting with a shirt designer about whether to put the logo in front or at the back. The designer can also advise on the size of the logo.

3. Colours and Patterns

As you plan for your custom t shirt printing in Singapore, you can also consider the colours and patterns as they can affect the overall look of the company shirts. You can get an idea of your company logo. Check the colour and font size, and you’ll see what patterns you should try.

4. Find a Professional Designer 

If you need help, you can look for a professional designer to help you with corporate t shirt printing in Singapore. They know how to improve the corporate shirt and simultaneously keep your designs professional and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Partner with a Reliable Shirt Printing Company 

Most importantly, you execute your ideas with a reliable shirt printing company. An experienced printing company knows how to use the suitable printing method and ensure that the quality will look good on the wardrobe.

Establish your brand image with Express Printing, which can help you with company printed t-shirts. Visit their website to learn more about their printing method.


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