5 Questions to Ask Your Spain Wedding Venues


Most couples are surprised to discover that getting the proper venue for weddings in Spain isn’t easy. It’s more than aesthetics and you’ve got to listen to how they handle events. Your wedding venue isn’t something that you simply can joke with as you may be linked thereto for the remainder of your lives.

After you’ve researched ideal wedding venues Spain and you’re able to visit, there’s another thing to be done. What’s left is to write down important questions that you just have to ask your wedding venue. As you create your list, please do your best to not forget the following:

  • What Is Your Availability Around Our Ideal Dates?

This question though obvious is often forgotten. You have got to try your best to make sure that a venue you’re considering is free on your wedding date. If it won’t be available, there’s no need to even checking it out. So, ensure to ask this question as soon as you’ll be able to if you haven’t already done so. It’s one in all the foremost important questions when it involves weddings in Spain.

  • What Is That The Venue Capacity?

Your wedding venue should have enough space for the amount of guests you’re bringing. If you’re having a marriage of 100 people, your venue should be able to handle that. Don’t also forget to incorporate the quantity of vendors which will show up. A venue that’s too big will have you ever spending an excessive amount to create a less forlorn look. Imagine hearing echoes at your wedding! A venue that’s too small could prove to be jeopardy to you and your guests. The most effective Spain wedding venues are those that feel excellent and comfortably house everyone.

  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Couples learnt the hard way when it came to the current question this year. Before booking a venue, ask of the cancellation policy and confirm you’re both fine with it. You must be able to move your wedding date with none of the usual hassles if need be. Nobody is saying something unwanted will happen. We really hope nothing does. But it’s better to be prepared for a situation where it does.

  • Do You Offer Catering?

A venue that offers catering is often a good idea for your wedding plans. Does the one you want already have an external caterer in mind? If you have a caterer in mind yourself, then you almost certainly want to avoid a venue that won’t allow you to bring one. If you don’t, having your venue handle your catering can prevent the time and money you’d spend trying to find one. This question is beneficial for weddings in Spain and important, so don’t forget to ask it.

  • Do You Permit Overnight Stays?

Many couples are choosing weekend-long celebrations nowadays. Is this your case? If yes, then you ought to choose a venue that has accommodation on site or nearby. That way, you have got all of your guests in one place for your wedding and can celebrate easily. If you’ll be having a marriage that ends late, check for Spain wedding venues that allow overnight stays. They’ll be the most effective to use.


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