7 Consideration for Choosing a QR Ordering POS System


Small to medium-scale businesses need all the help they can get from technology. QR ordering and POS systems are popular for restaurants and food-service establishments looking to improve their ordering process and enhance the customer experience. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to know what to look for in a QR ordering POS system.

Explore the key features and factors to consider when choosing a QR ordering and POS system for your business.

#1 Ease of use

The first thing to consider when choosing a QR ordering and POS system is the ease of use. The system should be user-friendly and intuitive, with clear instructions and prompts to guide customers through ordering. It is valuable for customers who may not be familiar with QR codes or ordering through a POS system.

#2 Customisation options

Another crucial feature to look for in a QR ordering and POS system is customisation options. The system should allow businesses to customise their menus and pricing. Choose restaurant POS systems offering options for customising the ordering process itself. Some small or medium-scale businesses may want to provide different order types, such as dine-in, take-out, or delivery. Others allow customers to customise their orders with specific ingredients or toppings.

#3 Integration with existing systems

The QR ordering and POS system should integrate seamlessly with existing systems, such as payment processing and inventory management. It will help businesses streamline their operations and avoid multiple systems that don’t work well together.

#4 Analytics and Reporting

Consider sales analytics and reporting capabilities when choosing the most appropriate POS systems and software. The system should offer businesses insights into customer behaviour, such as popular menu items, ordering trends, and peak ordering times. You can use the information to make data-driven decisions, especially for menu offerings and pricing.

#5 Multi-device compatibility

The QR ordering and POS systems should be compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and POS terminals. It will allow businesses to offer flexibility in how customers place their orders, whether it’s through a self-service kiosk or a server using a tablet.

#6 Security

Security is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a QR ordering and POS system. The system should be secure and protect customer data, such as payment information and personal details. Businesses should also look for PCI-compliant systems, ensuring they meet the strict security standards of the Payment Card Industry.

#7 Customer support

Finally, businesses should look for QR ordering and POS systems that offer comprehensive customer support. It should include 24/7 technical support, training and resources to help small to medium businesses get the most out of their system.

In conclusion, choosing a QR ordering and POS system for your business requires careful consideration of various factors, from ease of use and customisation options to security and customer support. By evaluating these features, small to medium businesses can choose a system that meets their needs and enhances the customer experience.

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