A Maintenance Timeline For An Auto Swing Gate In Singapore


Over time, your automated gate system may need repair services due to operation or malfunction issues. Generally, these problems may indicate minor issues but may cause costly repairs if left unresolved.

To prevent your auto gates from looking shabby and worn down, follow this timeline to keep your auto swing gate in Singaporewell-structured and maintained.


Before the weather changes, ensure to inspect for the following to prevent the risks of getting auto gate repair services in Singapore.

  • Debris. Because of the frequent movements of your gate, dirt, animal dander, debris, leaves, or insects may accumulate, damaging your gate.
  • Track. Inspect for the condition of the trail as frequently as possible. Contact an auto gate repair technician in Singaporeif you observe any dents or bents.
  • Rusts. Since gates work for everyday use, there are chances of corrosion and rust build-up. Get cleaning services every three months to keep its tip-top condition.


To ensure the quality and durability of your auto swing gate in Singapore, contact a specialist to conduct and assess the pressure in the hydraulic systems. Make it a habit to get this service every six months.


For every 12 months, here are the components that may need auto gate repair services in Singapore.

  • HINGES. Lubricating the hinges can help smoothen the slide of your auto gates. You can use lithium grease and apply it to the small holes.
  • CHAIN, WHEEL, AND TRACK. These components are the dirtiest among others. Ensure to assess, cleanse, and inspect the condition of the wheels and chains frequently.
  • CONTROL BOX. If something rattles inside or there are any frayed wires, it may be best to get automated gate repair services.

There are numerous services to keep properly-maintained auto gates, such as automated gate repair, cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services.Through these, you can ensure the durability of your gates and the security of your family.

San Automation Gate offers various auto gate services. Contact them on their website if you need automatic gate installation, maintenance, or repair services in Singapore.


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