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Experienced Brokers Reveal the Top 3 Mistakes Condo Investors Commit


If you are planning with your family to invest in a condo Charoennakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร, which is the term in Thai) then cheers to that! Research says about 20{17031596ade760eba1027ffb7e2b2f3a956871336cbdb8155f200a88ba87f591} of the city condo owners turn to be investors. There are so many ingredients that go into finding a place that promises a good investment return.

Having worked with multiple investors for several years, the professional brokers around the world plans on sharing the top and most-common mistakes committed by the condo investors that you must stave off at all cost.

Stop Committing These Mistakes When Investing In A Condo

Unprepared for An Immediate Condo Purchase

The slow condo market is long gone, and the present age is all about buying condos immediately. You will end up losing the best units if you fail to invest in them at the correct time. The best advice is to keep everything ready including our down payments, related finances, and documents, so you do not have to delay in terms of decision-making and can eventually move in right away.

Believing Purchasing An Investment To Be A “Take it or Go Home’ Deal

It isn’t surprising to assume that you have missed the most profitable deal of your life, after watching the condo headlines on the internet and in the newspaper. But as an investor bears in mind that you are under no pressure to take the keys of the condo within a stipulated date, unlike of course the buyers. Take your sweet time in deciding, planning because you will come across more such inventory.

Not Taking ‘Stale’ Listings Into Consideration

It is a common tendency to think that there is something wrong with the listings that have been there for a couple of months or more. When in reality, you must delve deeper into those listings. There’s a huge possibility that the unit never got the opportunity to be staged or the images of the listings aren’t attractive enough. There likely are more similar units held out for sale in the building.

It might so happen that the unit needs a little remodeling or maybe the tenants are to be blamed for the clutter, and the owner stays abroad. These are the possibilities that are worth taking into account.

These are the three basic mistakes condo Charoennakorn investors tend to make. Give in all your efforts to avoid these and you can have a unit with the best return on your investment. To make an investment that guarantees great returns, be mindful of the mistakes that you might be committing.

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