Expressive Communication In The Workspace: A Guide To The Employees

Expressive Communication In The Workspace A Guide To The Employees

Communicating our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of working. Expressive communication, in this way, is a form of communication wherein this exchange mentioned above is the most effective. For example, if a boss is better able to express themselves to the employees, the employees, in turn, can communicate with the clients and the supervisors. Then the smooth flow of functioning is ensured within the organization.

Types Of Voices

There can be many types of voices with varying degrees of sound features. These include volume, breathing rate, fluctuations, and so on. Some of the types are listed below

  • Emotional voice; used in informal settings like with families, friends, spouses, etc.
  • Deep or low-pitched voice; used more in a formal setting to be loud while maintaining a constant pitch.
  • High pitched
  • Soft/warm voice

Remember, people may talk in one tone of voice more often than others. But, to be more effective, like in our careers, one can learn to modulate their tones accordingly.

Importance Of Context

One can communicate the most effective when they adjust their manner of expressing themselves according to the context or situation. Here, the importance of tone of voice in communication and the body language adopted comes into the picture. In the following ways, voice modulation and body language lead to better communication at your work:

  • Nature Of Information Being Communicated:

For a more informative communication, a different style of voice may be more suitable than in a case for a more motivating type of communication. For example, a plain/neutral tone of voice can be used in the case of informative communication; however, for motivating speeches, a rather persuasive voice tone with more fluctuations in sound wavelength can be adopted.

  • The Audience’s Preconceived Notion:

The tone of voice can go relatively smooth if the listeners are already convinced about the topic of speech. However, when persuasion is required, a different tone can be more effective. Like, a loud and clear voice that grabs the attention of everyone.

Further, the kind of audience in a workspace may range from clientele to colleagues to bosses and supervisors.

An unrestrained expression of yourself is one of the most important hallmarks of an authentic personality. We all know the most influential leaders in history are the ones who have an authentic way of expressing themselves. Overall, we can say that our voice and body language are the two most important factors that aid in an expressive form of communication.

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