Mental Health: A Raging Issue

Mental Health A Raging Issue

For decades, we have been giving no importance to mental health. Many people still consider mental issues as a disability or abnormality. It is still not considered something normal by many. In fact, one might find people who have little to no knowledge about mental health and its importance. It is just being upset or down for such people. But mental health is much deeper than one might think. It is just like any other disease in need of professional care. People dealing with mental issues can turn back to a healthy life with proper guidance. Issues like depression, anxiety, and stress can be successfully treated through therapies and medication.

Substance abuse: a coping mechanism

Substance abuse is considered as a coping mechanism by many. Though they initially start with drinks and drugs to stay away from the feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. But these things can barely be handled with these. Drinks and drugs have no positive effect on these issues. Tough we might feel a bit better initially, slowly it becomes an addiction that takes us closer to more acute mental agony. The issue of depression in native americans is in many cases directly related to substance abuse. In such cases, it becomes necessary to treat both the things than just the one.


There is always hope of recovering from this situation. The feeling of hopelessness pushes people to worse situations. Team of skilled professionals can easily penetrate the wall these people build around them and help them fight off the odds. With their skill and expertise, they can help people to come out of their shells and walk toward a better life without any mental issue. Both substance abuse and mental issues can be successfully treated to let people enjoy normal life as they should.


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