How to Organise Your Steel Rack Shelving


If your shelves are always cluttered and messy, which is a pain in the eyes, you need another organisation plan for your steel rack shelving. An organised shelving system can also improve your living experience and upgrade the home’s aesthetic value. As Marie Kondo said: “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to rest your life.” 

To start a new beginning, follow these tips for tidying your steel rack shelving.

1. Categorise The Items

For an efficient organisation, you should first categorise the items based on size, purpose, usage, and material. For instance, you can put things you don’t usually use on the stainless steel racks for storage and the other items on the lower shelves to retrieve them easily.

2. Put Heavy Items on the Bottom

Another thing to consider is the durability of your shelves. It’s advisable to put the heavy items on the bottom shelf as it can avoid putting too much weight on the upper shelves. And it’s better to put lighter items on top shelves of your steel rack shelving.

3. Give Some Breathing Space

When arranging your shelves, you can also have empty spaces preventing your shelves from looking cluttered. If you need more storage space, you can put some items on a steel table in Singapore for an additional storage system.

4. Have a General Cleaning Routine

A consistent cleaning routine for your steel rack shelving can also avoid cluttering. It’s also a good idea to rearrange your shelves from time to time. Aside from reorganising, you can also clean the shelves of dust and dirt particles.

5. Play With Colours

Surprisingly, colours can also affect the organisation of your stainless steel racks for storage. If you use the right colours, you can make the shelves look less cluttered. For instance, you can mix pastel colours with baskets on your shelves to upgrade the aesthetic appeal.

Follow these organisation ideas to make your steel rack shelves from Shelving look coordinated. Visit their website to look for more products, including a stainless steel table in Singapore.


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