Practical Translation Tips for Arabic to Indonesian Translation


When doing Arabic to Indonesian translation (terjemahan bahasa arab ke Indonesia, which is the term in Indonesian), it is critical to plan. It’s all about translation with accuracy and precision.

There are some rules you must keep in mind while doing the translation. These rules or tips will help you prevent common pitfalls. To improve comprehension, keep your sentences short and straightforward, and use a style guide for clarity.

Always remember that precise, simple, well-constructed phrases increase the efficiency of language translation. It minimizes time to work and also lowers the cost of whatever you are doing.

In this article, we take a look at some practical translation tips for Arabic to Indonesian translation.

Keep Your Sentences Brief

Aim for around 20 words or fewer for an improved understanding and more accessible translation. It will help in increasing the readability of the content too. What’s important is that you must maintain the tone. Focus on simplifying the content. Make the sentences short and sweet.

Avoid Using Long Noun Strings

When linking elements with noun strings are absent, readers may conclude the connection of the phrases. You would likely have more problems when you read a sentence many times to grasp it when being mistranslated in several languages. In this case, we seem to see the original language misinterpretations — or a too simplistic translation.

Use Single Terms for Identification of Concepts

Synonyms obstruct comprehension. Try to write the concept the way it is given. Finding different words to describe a single image will impact overall translation accuracy and reduce the associated translation memory flexibility. It will result in lower efficiency, higher costs, and faster turnover.

Use Active Voice

It is better to make translations more concise and more understandable. Words like “by” and “was” can signify the use of the passive voice. Try to use active voice instead of passive voice while translating from Arabic to the Indonesian language.

Focus On Translation Literacy & Accuracy

Accuracy is a positive attribute for a translator. Still, often translators attempt to relocate verbs and nouns that are more appropriate in context and fail to note adverbs and adjectives that decide text accuracy. Adverbs and adjectives are words that precede other parts of speech; they are brief and thin, yet they may specifically govern the course of our thinking. Literacy also aids in making sense of the vocabulary and acquiring the correct knowledge.


To summarize the preceding material, try to run a grammar and spelling check after finishing the translation. Before submitting the Arabic to Indonesian translation, read it aloud to ensure that it is harmonious.


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