Ways To Store Bread For Longer Durations


Bread is a primary food that is prepared using a few ingredients like flour, water, and yeast. Mixing all these ingredients forms dough that is baked and the required bread is ready. You can find many varieties of bread, each bread differs in taste, texture, and color. But it’s not recommended to consume it every day because it is not that healthy. The process looks quite easy but people struggle to store bread for a long time. Because it spoils very fast. So let us know how to store the bread (วิธี เก็บ ขนมปัง, which is the term in Thai). There are many ways to store bread. You can choose any process which is convenient for you. All these processes are effective as well as easy.

Once you use the bread keep the rest of the bread in a plastic bag or wrap it in aluminum foil. It also helps bread in keeping its moisture and stays good and fresh for long. If you are a working person I suggest you put it in aluminum foil because it is easy to use. You can directly put it in the oven and heat it. And avoid keeping it out. Or if you want you can keep it only for two days or can also freeze. In this process, bread stays fresh for a period. Whenever you want to have it you can remove and heat it and you can have it. Or you can also refrigerate the bread which helps to keep the moisture and freshness. If you want a more aesthetic and organized way you can also store the bread in the bread box. The box comes with some small holes which allow a little airflow and can stay in the room. Mostly these are used in bakeries. It’s better if you avoid plastic bags but if you are storing them for a few days you can use a zip lock bag. But the more effective way is to freeze the bread. If you have a large quantity of bread you can freeze it and it is ready to use whenever needed.

Now don’t worry about how to store bread, it is very easy and convenient to store a loaf of bread. It doesn’t take much time. Just you need to follow the above steps to store bread and you are sought out. If you bake bread at home try to make it in limited quantities because fresh bread is better than the ones preserved. So if the bread is leftover you can store it in these ways.


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