What is a swab test used for?


In December 2019, it was reported that a new virus had infected a person in the Wuhan district, China. The phenomenon had caused the person to cough, had a fever, and shortness of breath. Soon after, it has been reported that many people in the same district suffer from the same condition. Some might lead to unexpected death. It was later discovered that the virus that is responsible for this infection is known as Covid-19. Since then, Covid-19 virus has been considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020. This is due to the massive number of infected persons reported from the whole world. Besides, it also killed thousands of lives at that time. This news had caused shock and fear among us. Fear of getting infected by this virus and soon death might follow. Because of this reason, many health companies had taken the initiative to provide the Covid-19 test in order to help people determine whether they are infected or not. To enroll into this program, you can simply type the keyword such as Covid test near me in the web browser and you will be amazed by the results.

A lot of health companies and also private hospitals are offering the Covid-19 test to the people aside from the government hospital. This is a positive advancement that can only mean good for the people themselves. The Covid-19 test is often known as the swab test. So, what exactly is a swab test? What is a swab test used for? A swab test is a test that is used to determine whether a person is infected by a Covid-19 virus or not. It is named a swab test because of the swabbing action that is done by the handler. If you think that you are having a Covid-19 infection, it is recommended for you undergo a swab test as soon as possible. It does not matter where you will do the test, what is more, important is you do it quickly as soon as you think that you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms such as cough, fever, and also shortness of breath. After all, you might save your life or even other people’s lives with your quick action.

During a swab test, the handler will usually ask you to sit down properly and remain calm. It is important to relax your muscles in order for the process to become smooth process. Then, a long swab will be inserted into your nostrils. This is where it might feel a bit uncomfortable because it can go very deep inside your nostrils. The handler might rotate the swab and after a few seconds, the swab will be taken out. The sample that is collected from your nose is then kept properly inside a container and will be sent to a lab later on. It is very important to be aware of some health risks that might happen during the test. This includes a nose infection and also a chance of having body fluid leakage. However, do not worry because the chance of getting these risks is very slim.

As mentioned above, your sample will then be sent to a lab in order to undergo some tests. After a few days, they will contact you and inform you about your result. The result from your swab test can only be positive and negative. A negative test means that you are free from any Covid-19 infection, while a positive test simply means that you are having a Covid-19 infection. If you are infected, you will be advised to isolate yourself and stay at home for at least two weeks. It is very important to have strong mental health during this difficult time.

The best thing is that the vaccines are available now. One must take the vaccine shot to prevent oneself from Covid-19.

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