Why Are Vehicle Users So Popularly Worshiping Mae Ya Nang?

Why Are Vehicle Users So Popularly Worshiping Mae Ya Nang

Each plant seems to have a guardian, as per Thai mythology, to guard the boats, and they have the goddess Mae Ya Nang. Whenever a tree is killed and turned into a boat, its guardian does not leave; rather, they stay to guard the boat. The ancient goddess who aids in protecting Thai visitors is being careful of speeding and reckless drivers. Sailing was the origin of Mae Ya Nang’s ideology, but it has subsequently grown to encompass other things like automobile components. You may note that Thai people offer spiritual gifts and prayers for all kinds of vehicles.

The issue of traffic and road accidents is at a very high rate in Thailand compared to other western countries. As the traffic in Thai is heavier and the custom of Mae Ya Nang worship (ไหว้แม่ย่านางรถ, which is the term in Thai ) by placing the idols of Lord Buddha in the vehicle has been for ages and followed by everyone.

What Does Worship At Mae Ya Nang Mean?

Almost all drivers have followed this belief since ancient times in Thai. According to this belief, all drivers put Lord Buddha’s small statue on the dashboard of their vehicles. And the second statue is placed near the rear end. They believe that by doing this, their vehicles will be protected from evil eyes and will not face accidents. The primary motive behind adopting such a culture is the safety of the vehicles. This culture is followed everywhere in Thai by every driver. Also, it helps to avoid road accidents. Thus, Mae Ya Nang worship is the most popular culture followed by Thai people. 

History And Background Of Mae Ya Nang:

The Guardian Goddess of Boats, also known as Mae Ya Nang, is a long statue of Thai superstition, which is in a standing position that fishermen developed. People believe each plant has a guardian called Mae Ya Nang who cares for it, like a Greek Goddess of each tree. 

Every ship has a view of Mae Ya Nang. According to the fishermen, Mae ya Nang is there to protect everyone on the board. As a result, fishermen will offer customary sacrifices to Mae Ya Nang in exchange for favorable circumstances such as a successful profession, a huge fish catch, the safety of their crew, etc. To pay homage to Mae Ya Nang, people offer and consider it a promising act. People offer various fruits, sweets, and betel nuts to Goddess Mae Ya Nang.

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