3 methods of popular carpet cleaning services to know abou


Carpets are valued additions to any home, and some can be the highlight of your living space for decades. They can enhance the look and feel of your home much better than rugs or other fabric floor coverings can. That’s why you should treasure your carpets.

But it’s not always easy to care for a carpet. They’re notorious for being highly sensitive and prone to dust or dirt. When carpets become dingy or dirty, they can become embarrassing eyesores. Carpets need to be kept clean, but they’re incredibly fussy.

So how does one solve this dilemma, then? It’s not easy to do your own carpet cleaning services. And no one wants a dirty carpet that they can’t get rid of, especially since dirty carpets are an indication that they’re close to getting worn.

Fortunately, there is a solution: professional carpet cleaning in Singapore! There are quite a few companies that offer cleaning services for your beloved carpets. If you don’t want to DIY all the work (after all, you may just damage your precious carpet), then getting professionals to do it makes a whole lot of sense.

Here are some of the most common methods used for cleaning carpets. Check them out and see which carpet cleaning services are right for you!

1) Dry carpet cleaning. Also known as compound cleaning, this type of carpet cleaning service works a powder or compound into the bottom of the carpet with the use of a brush machine. This application method works it into the carpet fibres, resulting in a deeper clean.

2) Carpet shampooing. This is a traditional method that can wash very soiled carpets with the use of a cleaning agent. After it dries, the carpet is almost as good as new.

3) Steam carpet cleaning. This method works with the use of a powerful machine that can apply a solution of hot water and cleaning solution to the carpet. Then, it sucks the solution back up, bringing most of the dirt with it.

Need a carpet looking good as new? Clean Care is a company providing a professional carpet shampoo service in Singapore. Contact us to know more about our services and what we can do for you.


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