4 Best Places To Install Your CCTV Camera In Singapore


Many people install CCTV surveillance cameras in Singapore to enhance their property security. However, one of the common mistakes homeowners commit is placing their cameras in the wrong spots. In the end, CCTV cameras are practically useless if they are in the wrong place.

If you want to catch burglars, deter criminals, and enhance your security, you pick the correct spots for CCTV camera locations in Singapore.

Here are the best location for your CCTV cameras:


The front door is the most obvious entryway for civilians and criminals. Many burglars break into the house through the front door. Therefore, placing a CCTV camera on the front door will capture their faces or deter them from picking your front door locks.

Another purpose of a front door CCTV camera is to keep tabs on people entering your home. It could be your family members, neighbours, or guests. You can ask your CCTV company in Singapore to install the camera at your front door.


The opposite of the front door. Similar to the front door, the back door is another point of entry to your house. Their only difference is that back doors are less exposed to the neighbours or the street. For this reason, it is the favourite break-in entrance of burglars.

Installing your CCTV camera in Singapore at this spot is strategic because it captures attempts of break-ins, especially since many burglars assume that back doors are not as secure as the front doors.


Side windows are windows that are not facing the streets or that are practically hidden from your neighbour’s view. Because of the limited exposure, side windows become an enticing entry point for burglars. They also assume that these windows have less security.

Installing CCTV surveillance cameras in a spot that scopes the side windows can increase the security of the area. Additionally, camera presence can be a deterrent as well.


The garage is one of the hottest places in your house in the eyes of a burglar primarily because the garage has valuable items, from gym equipment to carpentry tools. Additionally, people also leave belongings inside their cars, which burglars take advantage of.

Moreover, the garage is practically still outside the main house, meaning people inside the house can’t hear noises from the garage. Garage doors are a vulnerable point of entry as well. Besides, the garage usually has doors to the main home. You can ask your CCTV company in Singapore to install surveillance cameras in the garage.

Enhance your home security by equipping these areas with CCTV cameras. One Stop Office Solutions provides high-quality CCTV surveillance cameras in Singapore. Visit One Stop Office Solutions today.


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