Factors to Be Considered When Creating Stunning Custom Plastic Storage Bags


For many years custom-printed plastic shopping bags are very much in fashion. Plastic shopping bags with logos printed on them have proven to be a strong marketing tool for businesses. The popularity of these bags is because they can be customized, made in a variety of colors, are easy to find, and can be reused. Nevertheless, customization of plastic bags requires that you consider a few fundamental points. This article will talk about the important factors to consider when designing a beautiful, stylish and durable plastic shopping bag that can be used for your next campaign.

Things to Consider When Making a Plastic Shopping Bag

Plastic shopping bags are one of the most popular promotional gifts. They come in many different specifications. Make the right choice by considering the following points.

Bag size & quality:

A shopping bag meant for jewels is not able to carry groceries. Customization can also be affected by the quality and type of plastic. Plastic only retains elasticity to a certain extent. If quality plastic isn’t used, the brand could be subject to damage. It is important to consider factors like the thickness of plastic sheets to preserve the quality of a plastic shopping bag. To ensure reusability, the bag should be the right size.

Bag styles bag design adds to your business brand’s identity. The wine bags are a good choice for bottle sellers. A reusable plastic tote bag might be the best choice for a grocery store.

Handle styles this is the part that makes your bag reliable. The most common types of handles are loop handles, loop hands, and die-cut. The most reliable handles for heavy goods are twisted and loop.

Bag materials you can make shopping bags from many different materials. Here are some examples of common materials you might use:


Low-Density Polyester (LDPE), a type of plastic, is resistant to acids, alcohols as well as oil. It’s also lightweight making it suitable for shopping bags.


High-density polythene, or HDPE (Hard Plastic Elements), is a stiff plastic. It has a high melting point of between 120-140 deg C. Its high durability makes it an ideal material for shopping bags to carry heavy items.


A plastic that has a lower tensile load than LDPE. It is extremely elastic with excellent cracking resistance.

Personalization to brand:

A custom bag’s unique feature is its ability to stand out thanks to its striking brand information. This advantage must be considered by businesses. It is best to use the same colors as your brand when personalizing bags. Because people associate specific brands with certain colors and graphics, People will associate colors and Full Color Bags with a brand because they are familiar with the type of bag they might be carrying.

Minimums, production, and lead times:

The bag’s design must be suitable for bulk manufacturing. Standard sizes are the best option if you’re looking for quick production. The company must decide on the number of custom shopping bags that are needed. Bulk manufacturing is a benefit that many manufacturers offer. They typically have minimum quantities between 500 and 1000 bags per batch. It is important to get in touch with the manufacturer before placing your order. Extra lead time may be required for special productions such as personalization or logo design. Complex production may result in a longer production lead time.

Production Cost:

For cost estimation, factors such as material use, brand status quality, utility, and others are taken into consideration. If you select a special feature, production costs might rise.

You must source these plastic bags only from trusted suppliers. ANS Plastic Corp, one of America’s most well-known shopping bag producers, is a top choice. The company has over 50 years of experience in the industry, including custom packaging plastic shopping bags. The company’s experts collaborate with customers to help them select the right bag for their needs.

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