Be Energetic All Day Even in Your 40s With Ipamorelin Peptide Therapy


For anyone who is looking to improve their muscle mass after they have reached their 40s, they are well aware of the struggle. The body composition changes when we age and that makes it hard to lose fat and gain muscles, which is ideally required for good health.

Using anabolic steroids and synthetic HGH does provide the required benefits but at the cost of some serious side effects which make it difficult for most people to use them. This is why peptide therapy is becoming more popular and can be administered under medical supervision to gain muscle strength and mass without having to deal with side effects.

Ipamorelin is a peptide composed of 5 amino acids that work to stimulate the pituitary gland for increasing the synthesis of growth hormone. Ipamorelin binds to 2 receptors, GHRP, and ghrelin. Ghrelin is a GH secretagogue. By binding to these 2 receptors, Ipamorelin naturally increases the level of growth hormone in our body and helps in maintaining these levels throughout its therapy.

Benefits of Ipamorelin therapy

When Ipamorelin is administered subcutaneously, the growth hormones released from the pituitary gland go to the muscle cells to aid in its growth and at the same time prevent distortions caused by the growth of bones or cartilage.

Additionally, it promotes insulin and ghrelin secretion that helps in providing a good environment for growth hormone release and also hunger suppression, thus, resulting in fat loss while stimulating muscle growth. This is why sometimes Ipamorelin is also referred to as a lipogenic peptide.

Benefits of taking Ipamorelin therapy, therefore, are:

  • Reduces signs of aging such as the appearance of wrinkles and reduced hair volume.
  • Increases fat burning in the body.
  • Stimulates new muscle cells growth.
  • Increases bone mineral density and strength.
  • Improves sleep quality and quantity, thus, you wake up fresh in the morning and do not feel tired and groggy throughout the day.
  • Allows faster recovery after workouts and promotes wound healing.
  • Increases the functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems.
  • Provides mental clarity so that you can better focus on your regular activities.
  • With the newfound strength and energy, you can exercise better which will further intensify your fat loss efforts.

Based on the duration of Ipamorelin therapy, you can start to see a few changes like better sleep and improved stamina while the rest of its benefits take some time to show up. You may notice better metabolism and reduced wrinkles by month 2, enhanced libido and mental clarity by month 3, weight loss and more muscle mass by month 4, healthier hair, skin, and flatter belly by month 5.

After 6 months of continuous Ipamorelin therapy, you will achieve a 5{17031596ade760eba1027ffb7e2b2f3a956871336cbdb8155f200a88ba87f591} reduction minimum in body fat and a 10{17031596ade760eba1027ffb7e2b2f3a956871336cbdb8155f200a88ba87f591} increase in muscle mass. If you supplement this with exercise, you can see even more fat reduction. Along with this, you will experience a newfound vitality that helps you in living a healthier and happier routine life.

Side effects of Ipamorelin

Before rushing in to buy Ipamorelin peptide, discuss with your medical professional any potential side effects. Although well-tolerated, it can produce minor side effects like:

  • Itchiness, pain, or redness at the site of injection.
  • Increase in appetite
  • Increased weight due to an increase in muscle mass.
  • Nausea and dry mouth.

Ipamorelin dosage

Administered via subcutaneous route, the dosage of Ipamorelin is divided into 3 doses per day with each dose having 100-500 mcg strength based on your needs and body weight. For anti-aging, the recommended dose is 200 mcg thrice daily which for an increase in stamina, you will have to up the dose to 300 mcg thrice daily.

For better absorption, do not consume food or caloric beverages at least 1 hour before the injection.


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