Learn More About How You Can Spot Poor Window Tinting Jobs


The popularity of window tinting in Scottsdale, AZ, has increased over the years, and more people are now starting to invest in tinting their car windows. Apart from the visual elements, window tints provide consumers with a high degree of privacy and security, whether on their automotive or residential properties.

However, despite the growing popularity of window tints, many people are still not knowledgeable enough to see if the quality of their window tints is good or not. Some consumers are scammed by cheap window tint offers, while other property owners do the job independently, even without proper knowledge of installing a window tint.

Getting the help of a company that offers quality window tinting in Gilbert, AZ, will help prevent this from happening. But, knowing to spot low-quality tint applications is also essential for the customers.

The first sign that vehicle owners should check is if air bubbles are forming between the tint film and the vehicle’s glass. Air bubbles are pretty standard during the first two weeks after the installation of the tint. But, if the air bubbles did not vanish after two weeks, it is a sign that the window tint installation is not high quality.

Moreover, it will be helpful to see if the window tint is capable of reducing outside heat from penetrating the vehicle. Blocking UV rays and heat from the scorching sun has always been the central selling point of window tinting. So, if it is not doing the job in your vehicle, then it means that the tint film used in the car is made of low-quality materials.

These are just some things you can observe to know if you are a victim of a lousy window tinting application. To learn more about how you can spot poor window tinting jobs, check this infographic from Kepler Window Films and Coating.

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