How To Attain A Freelance Visa In Dubai?

How To Attain A Freelance Visa In Dubai?

Obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai is easy yet complicated. Ever since the concept of a freelance visa has been introduced, a massive number of individuals are trying to secure one. That being said, here is a guide stating ways to obtain different freelance visas in the UAE. Let’s begin! 

  • Freelance Visa

Ideally, individuals need to obtain their freelance permit from a free zone in Dubai. Free zones will guide and assist you in getting your residency visa as well. To get ahead with this, applicants need several documents, some of which are, 

  • Recent photograph 
  • Resume/CV
  • Bank reference letter 
  • Visa copy and passport ( valid for a least 8 months) 
  • Bank reference letter 
  • Proof of academic qualifications 

Next, fill out the application form, attach all documents, and wait for the approval. It usually takes 5-7 days to get approval by mail and 10-15 days for processing. Upon approval, applicants will receive it through the mail. 

  • Establishment Card

After receiving his permit, individuals will obtain access to a business service platform known as the AXS where they can avail government and corporate services. Here, individuals need to apply for the Establishment Card that is available at an extra cost. However, you will need your freelancer permit and UAE mobile number for applying for the card. 

  • Employment Visa 

After having the Establishment Card, individuals can apply for a residence visa. To do this, they need a passport photo, original passport, valid medical visa and insurance, and a card. 

  • Residence Visa

After submitting the freelance visa application, individuals will obtain an entry permit within a week. This will be valid for a total of 60 days right from the date of issuance. On arrival in the UAE, individuals need to look into necessary procedures such as medical examinations, etc. After the residence visa gets stamped, individuals are free to start living and freelancing in Dubai. 

Cost Of Freelancer Visa

Generally, there are four different costs involved in securing and renewing your freelance visas. Let’s look into this in detail:

  • Freelance Permit:

The Freelance permit usually costs around AED 7500 for issuing and renewing both. Individuals need to renew this permit annually. 

  • Establishment Card:

The establishment card costs around AED 2000 for issuing and renewing. The establishment card needs to be renewed annually. 

  • Residence Visa

Applying outside the UAE: (3 years validity)

AED 3300 (Normal) 

AED 3900 (Express)

Applying from within the UAE: 

AED 4960 (Normal) 

AED 6340 (Express) 

Overall, the total expense will be AED 11,525.

  • Employment Visa:

Employment visas that are valid for 3-years cost around AED 2750. On the other hand, visas holding a 5-year validity costs around AED 5000. However, bear in mind that employment visas need to be renewed every 3 and 5 years according to the duration. 


To sum up, note that the visa costs are exclusive of Health Insurance but are inclusive of medical tests, visa stamping, and the Emirate ID. However, if you need expert assistance to obtain a freelance visa in Dubai, reach out to none other than Emirabiz today. 

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