Why Do Post Offices Matter?

Why Do Post Offices Matter

You might know that post office generally specialize in mail delivery, but post offices generally help you in several other ways, which goes way beyond the mail deliveries. For example, it can track ships and deliver anything to someone anywhere in the country, and some things are unique than just a post-delivery. Hence Ratchada Post Office (ไปรษณีย์ รัชดา, which is also a term in Thai) plays a crucial role without a doubt.

Things That Post Offices Do For Us

Process The Passport

Several post offices across the country indeed offer passport services for people who wish to renew their passport or get a new passport, and of course, some post offices also take passport photos for people. But you also need to know that not all post offices offer this service, so before assuming it, you need to consider the website and check if they have the service or not. Additionally, when you are getting a passport, you need to know that it requires a lot of documentation, like you need to give your citizenship proof, so you need to check all you need to get a passport.

Get The Money Order

If you don’t want to visit a bank, then you can also get a money order as an alternative to your local post office. Even though the money order looks like a check, it works like cash, and it is the best way to send money through the mail. However, you also need to know that you need to pay some transaction fees to send money through the post.

Help In Creating Marketing Campaigns For Businesses

The Ratchada Post Office can help companies send Flyers and mailers to targeted homes directly based on income ages and household sizes. The post office can also team up with the company besides a 3rd party vendor to design a flier perfectly.

Can Buy Paper Goods Or Boxes At The Local Post Office

The local post office is your best bet if you wish to ship something big or move to big houses. Several post offices sell boxes that are perfect for all the packaging needs. They also sell some greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas, or any other unique occasion where you need to send a card to your loved one.

Lastly, post offices do a lot for us, and they should not be ignored.

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